About Our School...

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Our Child Protection Policy...

Child Protection Pack
Policy Procedure Pack copy.pdf
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We take great pride in how thorough and comprehensive our Child Protection Policy is. 


Our Child Protection Officer is Mrs. Leanne Lyons who can be contacted at the School or on the telephone - 07773154459 or 07804475952



Recent Belt Promotions...

Name Old Rank New Rank
Eshita Rawat White Yellow
Amir Belgacem White  Yellow
William McKluskie White  Yellow
Jacob Gray White Yellow
Jean Reid White Yellow
Jess Alston White Yellow
Pammie Shearer Yellow Orange
Emma Murphy Yellow Orange
Keira Henderson Yellow Orange
Mark Henderson Yellow Orange
Taneem Ahmed Yellow Orange

Saim Ahmed

Yellow Orange
Elliot Loudon Yellow Orange
Lewis McCaffrey Yellow Orange
Archie Forrest Yellow Orange
Gemma McAuley Yellow Orange
Ayesha Ahmed Orange Green
Rory Bell Green


Erin Ogston Green Blue
Lauren Walker Green


Eilldh Young Green


Alana Robertson Green Blue
Emily Burke Green Blue
Adywat Rawat Green Blue
Cian Burke Green Blue
Kyle Duke Blue Purple
Sharan Donaghy Blue Purple
Linda Bias Blue Purple
Tesia Malloy Blue Purple
Kay Law Blue Purple
Skye Nicholls Blue Purple
Rachel Walker Brown High Brown
Luke Young Brown High Brown
Elliott Mclaughlan Brown High Brown
Hollie Lyons Red 

High Red