About Our School...

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Our Child Protection Policy...

Child Protection Pack
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We take great pride in how thorough and comprehensive our Child Protection Policy is. 


Our Child Protection Officer is Mrs. Leanne Lyons who can be contacted at the School or on the telephone - 07773154459 or 07804475952



Recent Belt Promotions...

Name Old Rank New Rank

Scott Thomson

White Yellow
Tilly McGilvray White  Yellow
Jona Hermosilla White  Yellow
Yeimi Restrepo White Yellow
Katleen Hermosilla White Yellow
Taylor Hermosilla White Yellow
Ryan Hamilton White


William Gibb White Yellow
Leona Knox Yellow Orange
Jean Reid Yellow Orange
Jacob Gray Yellow Orange
William McKluskie Yellow Orange
Jamie Walker Yellow Orange

William Russell

Yellow Orange
Andrew Russell Yellow Orange
Emma Mccaffrey Orange Green
Holly Sayer Orange Green
Corrie Gilroy Orange  Green
Luke Straiton Orange Green
Kirsten Walker Orange Green
Robyn Lyons Orange Green
Jessica Simpson Green


Cailyn Mcauly Green Blue
Susan Livingston Green


Alana Robertson Blue Purple
Pauline McGilvray Blue Purple
Owen Straiton Blue Purple
Thea Robertson Blue Purple
Lexie Williamson Purple Brown
Jill O'Brien Purple Brown
Ryan Gilfillan Purple


Amy Ogston Purple


Jude Herron Purple


Torin Nicholls Purple Brown
Aaron Livingston Brown

High Brown

Holly Kerr Brown High Brown
Iain Straiton High Brown Red
Emma Longmuir High Brown


Abigail Falconer High Brown Red
Logan Monks High Brown Red
Morven McRae High Brown Red
Amy Kerr High Brown Red
Lucy Mackay High Brown Red
Kames Doyle Red 

High Red